Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Dubai part 2

Starting off part 2 of my visit to Dubai is this amazing creatures that we came across on the beach. Luckily I didn't get spat on as camels are notorious for that!!
Beautiful animals and it was so nice to see them on the beach as we didn't get a chance to head out to the dunes or ride camels.

This was just down from the Hilton where we decided to stop in and have a few drinks (which led to an afternoon/night of drinking!!) and cool down in the shade as this day was especially VERY humid.

We did go in the ocean but that didn't last long as it was like getting into a boiling hot bath and made us even hotter than being out on the hot sand. The water is really dense and its a super strange feeling.. nothing like the water in Australia! If you are looking to visit the beach in Dubai this is a really nice area to go. A lot of westerners around and you can wear a bikini in the water, beach and around with no problems. There is even water sports and a few blow up activity thingos to swim out to and go down the slide or jump off.

Enjoyed the Hubbly Bubbly and playing UNO whilst having a few drinks at the Hilton down by the beach.

Jasmine :)

At the Habtoor Grand in Dubai. Most places in Dubai you can pay a small fee to use there facilities like  the pool. We spent alllll afternoon relaxing, drinking and eating and just enjoying the beautiful sunshine. Recommend this place to visit if your looking for a nice pool to hang out at in Dubai.

With the bestie wearing my favourite necklace By Charlotte and Danielle rocking her gorgeous engagement ring (LUCKY LADY)

At the local supermarket, they have a special Pork section that is sectioned off.

Got my eye lashes permed and LOVED them :) :)

Brunch on Fridays are huge in Dubai and in true Dubai style everything is SO over the top with everything in excess. We went to the Westin for there friday brunch called Bubbalicious. It was about $200 Aussie for the day but totally worth it and they had so many different types of foods.. anything you could wish for they had!!!

HUGE cheese and cracker table

Seafood GALORE (yep thats lobster!!!)

With my housemates for the week. Best couple :) :)

After Bubbalicious we headed to Zero Gravity for a few more drinks before heading home.

Of course a bit of Bobs first before bed time!!

I flew back with Etihad and was again lucky enough to go business class. 
This poor guy really didn't want a photo but I forced him anyway haha

Business class above and below, its similar to an open pod. This aircraft was unfortunately one of the oder aircraft but was still nice and definatley not complaining about being about to lay down and rest properly. 

Etihad amentities pack

Mezze plate and my main meal of Salmon and veggies 

Relaxing watching The little mermaid.. Something I haven't seen in forever, I couldn't even remember what happened in the movie!
The movie selection was quite limited which surprised me, not many new releases or anything that I found interesting (hence the little mermaid).

I had an amazing week away and next time I hope my Puffy can come too. Now its time to plan the next holiday.. Where too hmmmmmm..

Part 3 coming soon :) :) 

Thanks for visiting KK XX

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