Thursday, September 18, 2014

Love Puffin Swim - COMING SOON

Love Puffin Swim - COMING SOON

Very excited to finally announce that Love Puffin Swim will be launching late October 2014. Cannot wait to share all the pictures from an upcoming photo shoot on the Gold Coast.

All prints are exclusive to Love Puffin Swim. Head over to my Instagram account - @lovepuffin_swim to keep up with all the latest information and behind the scenes photos. 

Facebook profile is Love Puffin Swim and you can see the latest updates there by 'liking' the page. 


Monday, September 15, 2014

Alpha-H Skincare

I have recently starting using the Alpha - H skincare range and have really seen some positive results. Some of the products I love love love and some i'm not too fussed by (for reasons below).

I got all the products from Soho Skincare which is a Brisbane based skincare salon located in Wavell Heights. They also have a few different skincare brands along with Alpha - H.

I got onto this product via instagram and wasn't really 100% happy with Priori and wanted something a little more affordable. As you would know from previous posts i'm a lil obsessed with my face and taking extra good care of it. I like to have a range of different products from the one skincare line and as I go through them reasonably quickly they need to be priced affordably and easy to purchase.

I started off with the Alpha - H anti-ageing kit which is a 6 piece set. 

The Advanced Anti-Ageing Kit includes:

1 x Balancing Cleanser (30 ml)
1 x Liquid Gold Rejuvenating Cream (30 ml)
1 x Liquid Gold (30 ml)
1 x Daily Essential Moisturiser SPF 30 (30 ml)
1 x Absolute Eye Complex (7.5 ml)
1 x Age Delay Facial Oil (15 ml) 

Normally $99 but on sale for $74.25. Postage is $10 extra or you can pick up in store if you live in Brisbane. I was excited to try it and picked it up from the store so I could use it straight away.  I thought this was a good way to try the products without spending lots of money on full sized items that I didn't like/didn't go well with my skin.

I liked ALL the products (surprisingly) but the two that I absolutely swear by are the Age delay facial oil (OMG) and the Liquid gold rejuvenating cream. I cleanse then massage the oil into my face then once thats settled into my skin I follow it up with the Liquid gold rejuvenating cream.  These two combined are like the dream team, my skin is so amazing when I wake up in the morning after using them. Glowing, clear, hydrated.. just feels amazing!
The smell is also delicious its so yummy and fresh, similar smell to the Sukin range.

My growing collection.. sorry about the lighting!

Once I used these until they were almost finished I then purchased:

200ml Alpha - H balancing cleanser
100ml Alpha - H liquid gold anti-ageing cleanser
15ml Alpha - H absolute eye complex
50ml Alpha - H liquid gold rejuvenating cream
50g Alpha - H gentle daily exfoliant 

I was also lucky enough to get a few mini samples to also try from Soho Skincare.

I love the balancing cleanser it feels fresh on the skin, smell is nice, actually takes off makeup in one go (usually I have to wash my face twice).

Liquid Gold cleanser is just as good as the above BUT does have a full on smell which has taken a while to get used to. It has Glycolic and Lactic acids which I think is the reason it has a strange smell. 

The daily exfoliant comes in a powder and you put some in your hand and work it into a paste. Once you put it on your face it doesn't feel like anything is happening then once you wash it off VOILA!! Gleaming gorgeous skin.. somehow!!

Overall very impressed with the product since I started using it a few weeks ago. I would highly recommend this to anyone looking for something new, hydrating, anti-ageing and cost affective.


Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Cage of DEATH!

A few months back we headed up to Darwin for the night as it was my Puffy's birthday. I surprised him with a Cage of Death dive at Crocosaurus cove
It was SUPER scary to say the least but so awesome and definitely a tick off the bucket list for both of us. 
We did the double dive so we were both in the cage and purchased the disc/photographer before hand as we had no one to take photos from the viewing deck. It was $100 for the disc and we ended up getting hundreds of photos so for us was totally worth it. 

We stayed at Youth Shack backpackers which was just opposite Crocosaurus Cove so was in a great location for what we wanted to do. I found alot of the accom in Darwin to be super expensive so for the one night this worked for us. Was a little loud but as we found out Darwin is a party town with many tourist's and most of the workers from overseas on working holidays. 

Went and visited Fannie Bay Gaol which was on the way to the Darwin military museum. The gaol was free entry with a gold coin donation and we found it interesting. I think we spent an hour there wandering around and having a look at the old cells, hanging room, accom etc. 

After the Gaol we headed up to the museum and again were pleasantly surprised. The inside of the museum is just the normal stuff but once you get outside they have all the really cool old vehicles, outlooks, old tunnels that were used, great view of the beach.. so many things to look and play with!!

The Croc we dove with was called CHOPPER.. like we weren't already nervous! Ha

As you can see we had a blast in the cage with Chopper and got some awesome photos and memories we can keep forever. WORTH IT!!

Overall Darwin was a great place to visit, I really want to get back there and go through the top end of the outback as well :)