Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Dubai August 2014

So as many of you know I have recently visit the UAE and stayed with my bestie in Dubai. I was there for 6 days which I thought would be heaps of time but turned out I could of had another week as there is plenty to do!
Its such an interesting place and NOTHING like what I thought. I read up on Dubai and the UAE a fair bit before going as I wasn't sure what to wear, if it was safe, things to do etc.

My first tip for anyone travelling to the UAE is pack LIGHTLY and for the hottest of hot weather! When I was visiting it was 46-48 degrees most days! EEEPPPP If any of you have been to Bali its very similar to that (but SO much hotter) with the weather being VERY humid. In saying that we still went out through the day but were conscious of where we were going to be around 12-2 as that's when its the hottest. Everywhere inside is air conditioned even the bus stops!

In regards to clothing almost anything goes in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. As these places are both highly populated with ex pats and tourist they have 'loosened' the traditional rules. I didn't buy any new clothes specifically for Dubai as everything in my closet was fine to wear. The only thing I didn't take is a pair of very very short high waisted shorts that are not appropriate at the best of times haha.
I made sure I had plenty of scarves and a cardi so I could take them with me to cover up if required. I mostly just kept a scarf in my bag or in my bestie's car incase we went to a mall. The malls are frequented by many locals and its expected of you that your dressed modestly. They even have people that police the malls and ask you to cover up!
To places like the mall I just wore normal summer clothes (nothing super duper short) and chucked on a scarf or cardi over my tank top/singlet.

Most places you go are licensed (restaurants/bars) and have alcohol available to purchase. I would say however that it would not be acceptable to drink in the streets and that would most likely result in getting arrested and that is something you would NOT want!

Dubai has 2 huge malls - The Dubai Mall and the Mall of the Emirates. The Dubai Mall is the largest in the world and has an Aquarium, Ice Rink and the Dubai fountain (similar to Vegas fountain) which overlooks the Burj Khalifa. Great designer shopping at the Dubai Mall and it just proves the wealth of alot of the local UAE residents. The Mall of the Emirates feels just as big and overwhelming with many shops including an indoor Ski Field - Ski Dubai.

To get to Dubai I flew Virgin Australia and was lucky enough to fly business class :)
Sydney to Dubai is just under 14 hours so having the luxury and service in business is such a blessing. Business class has lie flat beds with a memory foam mattress that is personally laid by the crew when you are ready to sleep. The P'Js provided are by Julie Grbac and I absolutely LOVE them, SOOO comfy!!!
Food is spot on with a welcome drink of your choice, nuts, entree, main, dessert and breakfast. There is also a mini bar with snacks that you can sit at if you feel like getting out of your seat mid flight.

My favourite part of the flight is the stars in the roof and the lights throughout the entire flight - gorgeous

The Dubai Mall, Mall of the Emirates and the fountains by the Burj Khalifa

Ski Dubai at The Mall of the Emirates

Burj Khalifa and YES it really is that BIG!!

Thousands of paper cranes at The Dubai Mall

Indoor Aquarium at the Dubai Mall

 Nutella Bar at Eataly in The Dubai Mall - We had a Nutella crepe and yep it was AMAZING

Our Arabic dinner whilst overlooking the fountains and Burj Khalifa at the Dubai Mall

Beautiful chocolate creations at The Dubai Mall

 Visiting the Madinat Souk and the Dubai Spice Souk 
Both awesome and I would highly recommend visiting both of these. The Dubai Spice Souk isn't air conditioned so make sure you keeps this in mind and maybe go in the morning or in the afternoon when it isn't too hot. 
The Spice Souk is very authentically Dubai and there are many cool things to see, many different herbs and spices and the Indian ships are great to see. You can also take the boat over the river to the other side where there are more markets to wander through.
The Madinat Souk is absolutely beautiful and you get a great view of the Burj Al Arab if you head outside by the water. 

Spice Souk

Camel chocolate

Ahhh yep.. a soap for everything!! HAHA

Air conditioned bus stops at the Spice Souk Dubai

Indian trading ships

 Tuesday nights are LADIES NIGHT! 
Who doesn't love ladies night :) :)
Headed out to dinner at Toro Toro then afterwards ended up at Mahiki which was a super cool nightclub with a hawaii theme.
Going out in Dubai is exactly like Australia and any other western country. All the ladies wear the normal - boobs, butts and legs out. Mahiki was crazy and everyone was there to party hard and have a great time.

Dinner was gooooooood! We shared a range of tapas before heading up stairs for our free drinks :)

Finished up at BOB's fish and chips for some nuggets and fries before bed time!

Next post on Dubai coming soon!