Saturday, May 3, 2014

Night time shopping in beautiful Bali

Bali is so nice to go out after the sun goes down.. everything cools down a little bit, there is still a hustle and bustle with most markets open until around 11pm.

Enjoyed my first coconut, got chased by a naughty gang of balinese kiddies - see photo below of when they caught us! haha

Shoes by ZU Shoes

Pretty balinese nails.. flowers done at 'Pippys' Salon

Top by Supre
Shorts by Sabo Skirt
Flower band by Sportsgirl

BIGGEST and yummiest coconut! My first try and I loved it!!! 

Some wacky toilet in a dodgey little alley! 

$2 Smirnoff's.. Safe to say I had many of these!!

 Night Markets just down from Legian Beach Hotel and our fave place to eat 'Sheppys'!!!

SO naughty! haha

Bartering is accepted in 99% of the balinese shops unless its in a shopping mall. I wouldnt pay more than $150,000 Balinese for ANYTHING!! Bags you should be able to get for $100,000 or less. If you go in the morning they will give you 'special' morning price as they believe the first sale is goodluck for the rest of the day!! 
I would also recommend going to the shops at the very back as you will be able to barter more with these shops as opposed to the ones at the very front of the street! GOODLUCK! 

More photos to come so stay tuned!!


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