Saturday, April 12, 2014

Welcome to Bali!

Arrived late in the afternoon in Bali so I relaxed in our hotel to get a reasonably early night and ready for the festivities on friday!

Staying at one of our fave hotels in Bali which is the Legian Beach Hotel. Perfect location just down from Kuta but out of the hustle and bustle that is the craziness of Bali.
Legian Beach hotel is probably one of the 'older' hotels along the popular strip of beach near Kuta. The Mandira (photos to come) and the Padma are next to Legian and next time we visit Bali we are going to stay at the Padma as we had a sneaky look and it looks amazing!

*TIPS and Tricks -
Take 25USD PP for a VISA on arrival at the airport. The Ngurah Rai airport Denpasar has just had a face lift (thank goodness) and is now much more seamless and quicker than the old airport. It took us 1 hour from getting off the plane (arrived at 1400 local time) to arriving at our hotel HOWEVER friends of ours arrived later that night (2015 local time) and took over 2.5 hours so depends on time of arrival and how many other aircrafts are arriving at that time too. I would HIGHLY recommend that you have all required paperwork - customs etc filled out and get the the first stop (VISA) as quickly a possible.
Remember the Balinese are beautiful people but are definitely on island time!!

I changed $300 AUD into Indonesian Rupiah and took AUD cash with me to change for a better rate in Bali on the street. WARNING be VERY careful where you change money if you do it on the street. Some places are legit and you will get a lower rate (we were getting about 10 for 1) and the more dodgey places charge a higher rate but rip you off! If you change with these people make sure you are the last one to count and the last one to hold your rupiah. Puffy changed money one day and got back to the hotel and was missing the equivalent of $50 AUD which is huge!
He went back to the guy and after arguing for a while he gave him the money he was ment to. We then tried changing $200 AUD in 3 different places a few days later and had the same issues of them counting the money out in front of us then giving it to us to count and once we counted and it was all there they would take it and 'tidy' it up neat then give it back (all in a matter of seconds). We would then count it AGAIN before leaving shop to find that it was missing 30,40, 50 AUD!!
BE WARNED they are SO SO SO quick with their hands you will never catch them!!!
If you want to be safe change at a currency exchange that has a sign with a blue/red line - its the legit one and they will give you a proper printed receipt.

Breakfast is complimentary in pretty much all hotels in Bali so headed down to our buffet breakfast at 'Bale Banjar' - Legian Beach Hotel.

Shorts by Sabo Skirt for David Jones
Crop top by Supre (SUPER cheap)
Thongs by Bellini
Sunglasses by Oroton

Playsuit by ICE

Hat by Valleygirl
Sunglasses by Le Spec and Oroton

KK xx

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