Thursday, April 17, 2014

Party time BALI style!

Friday night drinking and dancing.. BALI style!!!

Friday night we all ventured out for dinner by the beach down from our hotel and a drink in the popular Bali night spots. After dinner we walked down Popies Lane 2 (GREAT shopping spot) which then meets up with the main nightclub spot (JL Legian) which is right opposite the Bali bombing Memorial. 

Drinking in Bali is 'expensive' which means expect to pay normal AUD prices for cocktails. Bintang and Smirnoffs are under $4 in most places and stay off the ARAK which is the Bali version of a spirit = NASTY!!! (trust me! haha)

You shouldnt have to pay to get into anywhere including nightclubs.. Be prepared to be hounded when your out as everyone wants you in there club/pub. I wouldnt recommend wearing heels at all in Bali unless its a wedding or function, the roads/footpaths are very uneven and small which makes it hard to walk on at the best of times.

Not once have I felt unsafe in Bali especially in the high tourist spots and late at night. There are many tourist police stations around Bali and they patrol the nightclub areas as well. 

Shorts by Sabo Skirt
Crop by Supre
Shoes by ZU

Above at 'Paddys Bar'

Dancing the night away at the RNB section of 'Bounty'

YEP had to get the 'BOUNTY' headband! haha.. You havnt been out in Bali if you dont have one of these!!!

Stay tuned for more pictures and tips.. any questions leave a comment below or via instagram - @kendallelyse

KK xx

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