Thursday, April 17, 2014

Mandira - Bali

The Puffin Man had a few colleagues staying at the Bali Mandira hotel and we were lucky enough to catch up with them on their last day in Bali and have a cocktail by there amazing hotel pool!!
The Bali Mandira is right next door to the Legian Beach Hotel which was perfect for us lazy bones!!

The pool is definitely the hotel highlight as you will see from the below photos!!!

and YES I had a go on the water slide HAHA!! SOOO much fun and such a beautiful resort..

WEEEEEEEEEE.... Too Fun!!!

Nail polish by CHI CHI nails

Bikini is by Triangl and I LOVE them! SO super comfy and even though the top is strapless it still gives GREAT support (what every woman wants!!)

Stay tuned for a gazillion more Bali photos and more! 
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