Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Nails, nails, nails!

I was down in Tassie recently and my sister Lauren always has a great selection of nail polish and nail art. The newest to the lot is the Chi Chi 'Speckle nails' and Chi Chi 'velour flock' along with Sally Hansen Crackle overcoat which is not so new.

I love the colour of the speckle nails.. it came in this green, pink, black, white and a few others in a pack. It isnt the easiest of nail polish to remove as the specks tend to really stick to the nail making it more time consuming than normal.

The Velour flock or furry polish as I call it gives a really unusual finish and something I havnt seen before. I used one nail to give it a go and loved the effect. Probably something you would only wear on a night out as the next morning it was a little patchy after having a shower.

Has anyone got any colours or nail polish brands they love? If so let me know on here or through my instagram - @kendalllelyse

KK xx

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