Sunday, September 8, 2013

Snorkelling and sailing - Cancun

One of our top things to do in Cancun was to go snorkelling!
We booked with David (as mentioned in earlier post) and he hooked us up with the best party cruise!!!!!!
It started in Cancun and went up the coast (drinks included so alot of drinking was done), went snorkelling, stopped at Isla Mujeres (Soanish for Island of the Women) for 2 hours to do a little exploring, then kept going up the coast and stopped at a little island where we held a shark (YEP!) and ate lunch then headed back to Cancun. We had the best day and was a highlight if not the best day we had on our trip!

We loved the catamaran as we layed up the front the whole time and enjoyed the crystal clear water and drinking our cocktails. We are hooked on a song that they kept paying - Follow the leader - the soca boys. If you havnt heard it youtube it, super catchy and fun!!!

At the end of the day we also attempted to parasail off the boat but it wasnt windy enough.. we had a few attempts (me being the guinea pig!!) but we were unsuccessful so we stopped the boat and had a swim for a bit.

Photos are below :) 

Stopping at Isla Mujeres for a few hours!

Attempting to Parasail!


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