Sunday, September 15, 2013

Lucky Chengs!

So I have to tell you guys all about Lucky Chengs in NYC!

We saw it in a map advert when we were in New York but thought it might be a little tacky so we didnt bother looking into it. On our last night though we were heading from our apartment into Times Square to get dinner and a few drinks when we stumbled across it! We went in just to have a look and stayed there for about 3 hours! haha

The address is 240 W 52ND Street (B/N Broadway and 8th Ave).. its pretty easy to find and not far from Times Square/Broadway if you wanted to walk down and check it out. I would recommend making a dinner reservation as we wanted to eat there but they were booked out. From what I saw they do 2/3 sittings with a show after dinner. Its a DRAG CABARET restaurant so be prepared!!

If your looking for great entertainment, a laugh and great cocktails head to Lucky Chengs! :)

Our fave girl from the night was Coco De'ball who is the bar hostess..Below are some photos.. We didnt take many so I found a few on the net to give you guys more of an idea! :)

Coco De'Ball - above

Advert we saw


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