Thursday, September 5, 2013

Cenote, ATV riding and Zip-lining

If you head to Mexico its just a given that your going to do some kind of jungle adventure.. I really wanted to swim in the caves as I have heard all bout how fabulous they are!

We booked it through USA David and he assured us it would be a great day as we had been looking at doing an Xplor tour which was over double the price we paid (although I know people who have done this tour and said it was AMAZING!). David said it wasnt worth it and we would merely be just paying for the name 'Xplor' so we decided to trust him (so far so good with everything else) and did the tour th recommended.

We were up bright and early and I must say the day didnt get off to the best start with a flat tyre before we even left the hotel district of Cancun but once that was fixed the rest of the day was AWESOME!
LOVE swimming in the Cenote cave, LOVED hooning around on the ATV and LOVED the Zip-lining although it was a little terrifying at times!

Just remember to shop around a little both online (to get an idea of what you want) and on the street, like I have said before the street vendors usually give you a better deal - especially if you buy more than one activity

Enjoy the photos... and YEP we wore matching tops! :)

Spot the Puffin!!

Getting the crazy eyes on me!


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