Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Getting franked

Finallllyyy tried out my frank coffee scrub! 
It smelt delicious!! For those that know me your more than aware I don't drink coffee but enjoy the smell.. Well this was just for me!! :) 
Skin is silky smooth.. I left it on for about 8 minutes and used about 3 handfuls for more longgggg limbs! 
If your looking for a great scrub to bring you that glow coming into summer I would recommend Frank! :) 
KK xx

Sunday, September 15, 2013


So I have ordered something called Proplenish.. I saw it on someones Instagram and thought I would give it a go!

Its marine collagen that comes in a sachet totally 30g per serve. The recommended dose is between 1-3 per day depending on the affect you want it to have.

I have reasonably thin hair and few few laughter lines (better than crows feet) here and there so I am going to take 2 sachets a day. You can put them in cold/hot drinks, soup.. anything you like! Its a clear crystal that has no taste or smell (apparently)
AND contains NO fats, sugar, carbohydrates, wheat, soy or gluten!!

A customers review -
'I took one sachet of ProPlenish every morning (though you can take 3 if you like)  for thirty days and I did notice a difference, firstly in my nails. Prior to taking the ProPlenish my nails were always splitting at the sides and were generally very weak. The difference is now my nails are much stronger and thicker – a really noticeable difference in a short amount of time I thought.
It’s hard to say what a difference it has made to my skin, I do think it doesn’t feel as dry and it looks like it’s starting to ‘plump’ up a bit more, with lines less noticeable. I’d have to continue using the ProPlenish to make an absolute distinction as I realise it takes time to improve skin.
My hair has definitely improved over the last four weeks. It’s shiny and I have noticed I’m not losing as much of it in the shower as I was pre ProPlenish. I’m convinced if I keep using it the benefits will only improve for me.'

Its waiting for pick-up at the post office so will collect on Monday and keep you posted! :)

A box of 30, 30g sachets is $49.95 with $10 postage so total of $59.95. I figure it should last me a month or so depending how many I decide to take.. The majority of reviews says it starts working within a few days of taking it..



Lucky Chengs!

So I have to tell you guys all about Lucky Chengs in NYC!

We saw it in a map advert when we were in New York but thought it might be a little tacky so we didnt bother looking into it. On our last night though we were heading from our apartment into Times Square to get dinner and a few drinks when we stumbled across it! We went in just to have a look and stayed there for about 3 hours! haha

The address is 240 W 52ND Street (B/N Broadway and 8th Ave).. its pretty easy to find and not far from Times Square/Broadway if you wanted to walk down and check it out. I would recommend making a dinner reservation as we wanted to eat there but they were booked out. From what I saw they do 2/3 sittings with a show after dinner. Its a DRAG CABARET restaurant so be prepared!!

If your looking for great entertainment, a laugh and great cocktails head to Lucky Chengs! :)

Our fave girl from the night was Coco De'ball who is the bar hostess..Below are some photos.. We didnt take many so I found a few on the net to give you guys more of an idea! :)

Coco De'Ball - above

Advert we saw


Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Back to the city of Angels!

After our whirlwind trip from San Fran, Vegas, NYC and Cancun we headed back to where it started!!

Los Angeles in the Summer is gorgeous especially down by the Santa Monica pier!

We stayed at the Orange Drive Hostel which is located just off Hollywood Boulevard and down from The Roosevelt Hotel so all round perfect location and SUPER CHEAP! (my second time staying there!) We got the en-suite room with double bed which was perfect for us, just like a hotel only a quarter of the price!! So if your heading to LA and want to stay somewhere central in Hollywood thats cheap and clean have a look at The Orange Drive Hotel!!

The end of our trip was jam packed with activities
- Universal Studios
- Madame Tussaud's
- Tonight Show with Jay Leno
- Six flags magic mountain
- Santa Monica Pier - Bubba Gumps restaraunt
- Orange County/San Jan Capistrano
- Open top tour bus around Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Santa Monica

Just a little MAC shopping! :)

Six flags magic mountain = EPIC day!

Madame Tussauds

Bubba Gumps restaraunt - Santa Monica

End of the trail - Santa Monica Pier

Famous Ferris wheel on Santa Monica Pier - Venice beach to the far far farrrrr right

WELCOME to San Juan Capistrano!

Spot the flying birdy! What an action shot!!!


Sunday, September 8, 2013

Snorkelling and sailing - Cancun

One of our top things to do in Cancun was to go snorkelling!
We booked with David (as mentioned in earlier post) and he hooked us up with the best party cruise!!!!!!
It started in Cancun and went up the coast (drinks included so alot of drinking was done), went snorkelling, stopped at Isla Mujeres (Soanish for Island of the Women) for 2 hours to do a little exploring, then kept going up the coast and stopped at a little island where we held a shark (YEP!) and ate lunch then headed back to Cancun. We had the best day and was a highlight if not the best day we had on our trip!

We loved the catamaran as we layed up the front the whole time and enjoyed the crystal clear water and drinking our cocktails. We are hooked on a song that they kept paying - Follow the leader - the soca boys. If you havnt heard it youtube it, super catchy and fun!!!

At the end of the day we also attempted to parasail off the boat but it wasnt windy enough.. we had a few attempts (me being the guinea pig!!) but we were unsuccessful so we stopped the boat and had a swim for a bit.

Photos are below :) 

Stopping at Isla Mujeres for a few hours!

Attempting to Parasail!