Friday, August 23, 2013

VEGAS baby!!!

After having such a good time in San Fran it was time for some partying and hot desert weather in Vegas!! I could not wait for cocktails by the pool and seeing some fun shows!

We stayed at Planet Hollywood which is in the middle of the strip close to everything so was a really good location. The pool was fun with a DJ playing allday everyday and a smaller pool for children out of site, which was good so we could drink, dance and party on our side!

We went to Peepshow which stars Coco from the show 'Ice loves Coco', that was in our hotel which was handy. The show was SO good and would def recommend it to anyone wanting a fun night out in Vegas! And yep she has a massive bum but she is really fit and has her nipples piereced! haha
After Peepshow we went to Koi and got bottle service which was a big mistake as things went down hill VERY quickly after that! EEEEPPPP!!!

Also saw cirque du soleil 'O' show which was crazy! They acrobatics was insane and adding water to the perforance was awesome. The clowns were by far the funniest and definatley made the show between intervals and sets. Again any Cirque show is a must in Vegas but the 'O' show is exclusive to Vegas and the Bellagio so thats why we wanted to go. We couldnt take photos inside but I have added one of the clowns from the website just cause I love them!

OH and something a little different but kooky is Eli Roth's Goretorium on the overpass just down from Planet Hollywood. Putting it simple - we shit our pants! Check out the photo towards the bottom! Haha.. terrifying!!!

Peepshow at Planet Hollywood

The lady above was out of control.. she even had a few shots of vodka! haha.. Like a BOSS!!

Chanel made out of flowers! 

Eli Roth's Goretorium



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