Sunday, August 18, 2013

San Fran and 4th July

We were really lucky that we got to spend time in San Fran especially while the 4th July festivities were going on. It is definatley one of my all time favourite places to go, its fun, clean, heaps to see and do, great shopping around union square, golden gate bridge, sacremento, alcatraz.. the list is endless!

We spent our 4th July down at Pier 39.. heaps of street performers, live bands, nice sunny day, eating, DRINKING like a boss and chilling out!

Alcatraz was fun we did the night tour so it was freezing but so interesting and it was our first time so it was a must on our list! Im going to dedicate a full post to our night excursion so stay tuned for that :)

We hired a 2 person tandem bike and rode from pier 39 over the golden gate bridge down to Sacremento and caught the ferry back (luckily as there is no way I would of made it back!) The bike was a little tricky to start with but once we got going and got the hang of it, it was fun! The Puffin man was on the front the whole time and I was on the back - great for me as I didnt have to worry about steering (sucker!!) haha

Union Square - San Fransisco

Alcatraz island in the background

Sushi and sake shots for lunch.. one of the best meals we had on the entire 5 week trip!!!

So many street performers for 4th July down at Pier 39 - the above guy was cray cray..and the below group of guys were nuts too! Even the Puffin got up and joined in with the guys doing a forward flip over him!!!!

4th July drinkies (biggest smifnoff everrrrr - equalled to 3 'normal' size ones! haha) in the park listening the live bands, watching the sun go down and fireworks! SO much fun and great way to celebrate independance day

From the hop on hop off bus down at Haight and Ashbury - the old hippy suburb

'Painted ladies' - otherwise known from Full House!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

View of Golden gate bridge from the bike track

Fun 4th July festivities

 UMMM biggest NERDS and chocolate syrup I have ever seen!

In N Out Burger - A MUST for anyone travelling to the states! They only have 3 types of burgers but they are SO delicious! They even hand cut their fries on site and the buns are so squishy and yummy.. MMM.. Puffin Mans first time and he loved it!!

Crab Chowder bread bowl - San Fran's signature dish!

Rocking the red, white and blue for 4th July! We love to match! haha


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