Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Grand Canyon!

The Grand Canyon was a highlight but we almost didnt make it! The weather was raining out near the Canyon and when we got to the airport they told us the morning flight was cancelled but they were going to try to get us out there!
On the way to the Canyon it started raining really heavy and the pilot lost vision so he told us we had to turn around which was so dissapointing! We flew for another minute or so and all of a sudden it cleared up! YAY! So we got to the Canyon, landed, took some photos, enjoyed a champagne breaky before heading back to Vegas :) :) Was epically (if thats a word) beautiful and just so crazy that its in the middle of nowhere and SO SO big, you cant even describe to people how big it is unless you have seen it for yourself!

Loves the windy hair!!


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