Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Fun at the snow! :)

On Monday me and the Puffin man went on an adventure to the Snow!! I was pretty excited as it was my first time seeing snow and skiing! The only advantage living in Canberra is that the snow is only 3 or so hours away!!
We left our place at 0430 (OMG) and arrived at Bullocks flat about 0730 got all our hire gear (skiis, boots, pants and jacket) then jumped on the ski tube and made our way to 'Blue Cow'. I had my first ever ski lesson at 0900 which was fun and I didnt manage to fall over which I was very impressed with :)

After the lesson we hooned around at 'Blue Cow' for a few hours with me falling over every few minutes then decided to head to Perisher for the rest of the day. Perisher was great fun and as it was a monday it wasnt too busy but still a reasonable amount of people. The snow was awesome and the beginners green section at perisher is fun. I couldnt believe all the little kiddies skiing past me down the slopes! Madness!! Some of them could hardly walk so I was amazed how they could ski!!

Photos are below.. naturally I had to purchase myself bright pink mittens and goggles! haha

Looking like a creep with my goggles, beanie, hoodie and neck warmer! haha


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