Tuesday, August 13, 2013

First stop - Orange County LA

On arrival into LAX we wernt feeling too bad (thanks Virgin Australia business class!) it was my second time to the U S of A and my Puffin Mans first time so it was fun experiencing it together.

For our first three days we were staying with The Puffin Mans extended family in San Juan Capistrano - Orange County so we were really excited to meet the fam, do some exploring down at Laguna and hopefully recover from any jetlag.

Lucky for us America is in peak summer so it was amazinggg and so nice to escape the crazy Canberra winter weather!

Our first American feast with our amazing hosts for 3 days!

Outside the Montage in Laguna - HUGE hotel where all the rich and famous go.. ridiculous view off the cliffs and down to the ocean

 Cant have a beach photo without the cheesy classic red cup!!


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